Thanks to its special herbal active ingredients (willow bark, tea tree oil), it prevents the shine and reduces acne formation by balancing sebum production in the skin. Thanks to its 100% herbal salicylic acid with antibacterial content, it provides a visible decrease in the appearance of pores while cleansing your skin. The skin cleansed and cleaned with cleansing gel and tonic, gets rid of blackheads and unpleasant scars with care cream and mask.


Helps to provide deep cleansing for oily and acne skin thanks to the tea tree in its oil control formula. Helps prevent shiny appearance. Creates a fresh feeling without drying the skin.


Purifying tonic cleans excess sebum and cleans clogged pores. Purifies the skin and improves the appearance of pores for a smoother texture and appearance.


Anti-Acne Spot Purifying Cream

This light and non-greasy gel cream with herbal formula willow bark extract balances the production of sebum in the skin, tightens the pores and prevents shine. It gives the skin a dull and vibrant look all day long.


Anti-Acne Peeling

It exfoliates the skin from excess sebum and provides opacity with micro particles in the peeling content. It removes contamination and dead cells from the skin caused by external factors. Gently cleans clogged pores from dirt. It provides the skin to breathe again and freshness to the skin.


Pore Firming Balancing Mask

Reduces acne problems by absorbing excess sebum on skin with acne problems. The product helps remove acne spots while deeply cleansing blackheads. It cleans pores and reduces blackheads. With its creamy texture, it cleanses and purifies the skin deeply.