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Thanks to its hydrolyzed pure collagen, it increases the production of collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to the antioxidants and peptides in the content of the very useful Konjac plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, it reverses aging and rejuvenates mature skin, prevents oxidative aging and provides the skin with a healthy, youthful glow and suppleness. Does not contain paraben.


Magicage Cleanser Gel with its specially formulated formula for normal skin in the Magicage Series, cleanses the skin from dirt consisting of makeup and environmental effects. Thanks to its unique texture, it provides moisture and shine to tired and worn skin. Contains bay extract, Concage plant, and pure collagen.


It shows the effect of Magicage Series on normal skin after Cleanser Gel application. It has a great effect on deep cleansing the pores on the skin. In addition, it provides acceleration of circulation; with its powerful formula combined with bay extract, Rosemary extract, Aloe Barbadensis extract, Glycerin, sea salt, it provides the skin to reach a softer and smoother look.

Day Care Cream, the new member of the Magicage family, has 30 spf protection factors thanks to its new age formula. Thanks to the Hyaluronic acid it contains, it provides the production of collagen and elastin required for a firmer skin. Helps reduce the depth of wrinkles. It also provides a fresher and younger look by reversing the aged look with its Koncaj plant on tired and worn skin.

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