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Special series developed for sensitive skin deeply moisturizes the skin and instantly soothes excessive skin sensitivities. This series, which does not contain synthetic preservatives, colorants and perfumes, is prepared for the use of sensitive skin. Helps prevent the feeling of redness on the skin thanks to the soothing effect of the extract of the calendula plant developed in Pullderm laboratories. Thanks to the hydrolyzed yeast protein, which is the special active ingredient of our sensitive skin series, it strengthens the skin against external factors and accelerates the formation of collagen in the skin.



Cleansing milk balances and softens the sensitive skin while cleansing it with its strengthening effect. The product cleans deeply clogged pores from dirt with its unique texture. It takes care of the sensitive skin and its protective effect continues for a long time with regular use.



Sensitive Tonic is used after Cleansing Milk application. Thanks to the bay extract it contains, it renews and refreshes the skin. With containing rosemary, it speeds up the circulation. It provides a softer and smoother image.


Pullage Sensitive cream shows fast absorption on the skin thanks to its thin structure. It keeps the skin moist all day long while eliminating redness. Strengthens the protection mechanism of the skin against external factors. Contains 30 spf protection factor thanks to the latest technological formula.

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